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A Facility Manager’s Guide to Energy Management

August 21, 2020
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Understanding the basic metrics for your facility is the foundation for developing nearly every program at your building, and energy metrics are among the most important of those. Tracking, recording, and understanding your building’s monthly energy usage, including everything from electricity consumption to the total MBTU’s used per room, becomes essential when you are putting together your annual budget.

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Utilizing an energy management template will help you track energy use, establish a quality assurance system, find opportunities for improvement or energy savings, identify waste, and document any energy savings throughout the year. It will also create baseline statistics for each month or year that can be used for quick reference in the future.

Ideally, your energy management template should track monthly usage for:

  • Number of rooms occupied
  • Number of covers
  • Number of total degree days

By tracking:

  • Total MBTU / Room
  • Total MBTU / Cover
  • Total MBTU / Degree days
  • Total kBtu / sqft
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Gas Consumption
  • Water usage

A good way to lay out your template is to set it up by month. Record measurements for each item you’d like to track every month (January to December), and then tally up totals or see what changes over the course of the year.

Energy templates are an efficient way to monitor your building’s energy usage and, using those statistics, modify your annual budget, as necessary. There are so many easy ways to cut costs when it comes to energy usage, and this is a great way to track which areas can be improved in future months.

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